TAPfit in Asia

TAPfit is a total body tap dance cardio fitness workout class. The class combines tap dancing, cardio and resistance training to burn calories, increase muscle power, coordination, balance and flexibility. It is suitable for all ages and levels, you can do TAPfit even if you have 2 left feet! It was created by the Johnson [...]

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Fairytales & Fantasies

GENERAL INFORMATION  As you know the End-of-Year Concert is always a highlight of our year. This letter contains all the information that you will need to have in order to decide if you would like your children to participate, as well as all the relevant details regarding, dates, costumes, rehearsals and costs. This document constitutes the [...]

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Take this fantastic, one-off opportunity to be involved in a wonderful learning experience that is free of charge for the whole weekend. This is the time to find the right class and style for your child. Kids can try as many classes as they want without any obligation, they can bring their friends to double [...]

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