Open House

WE HAVE MOVED!!!! Curious to see our new studio?? Are you new in Singapore and still looking for a place your child can enjoy dance and continue with their passion or are you in Singapore already for a while and your child is already dancing with us??? Come and join us on Sunday 13th August [...]

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Summer Break

Hands in the Air - Summer here we come!!! Tanglin Arts Studio is closed for the summer and will open again on Wednesday 16th August for regular classes at our new main studio location THE HOLLANDSE CLUB. We are all very excited about the move and can't wait to show you our new studio rooms [...]

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End Of Year Show Saturday 27th May 2017

The venue for our Show has now been confirmed as The Singapore American School (SAS). We had originally planned to hold this year’s Show at the same venue as 2016 but unfortunately this venue is currently closed for renovation. However, we are so excited to be working with SAS and we feel that this year will be our [...]

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ATOD Exams: Class Schedule Changes, 18-19 November 2016

There will be no classes on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th November at our Horse City studio due to ATOD exams. Feel free to join our Twinkle Toes, Starlites, Roses, Jades and Opals classes at Loewen Gardens on Saturday. Classes will run as normal from Monday 21st November 2016. We will be running our Acrobatics [...]

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